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Scheduled Maintenance Plans

Regular maintenance will prevent downtime and extend the life of your system. In addition to the obvious advantages of regular system maintenance, clients who enroll in our Scheduled Maintenance Plans take advantage of labor and equipment discounts of up to 10%. Don't wait - contact us today to schedule an annual or bi-annual maintenance appointment. Your system will thank you.

Remote System Monitoring and Management

HomeTech Services is proud to announce that we are now offering Remote Monitoring and Network Management Plans. We have been installing and maintaining professional enterprise-grade network equipment for our clients since we started in 2013. We have now adopted a cloud-based system which, utilizing hardware - some of which you may already have installed in your home - and software, allows us to be notified immediately of any service disruptions. Once alerted, we can step into action and investigate, and many times resolve, the issue remotely. Being able to bypass a standard service call gets you back up and running quicker and without having to disrupt your schedule.

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